Monday, December 19, 2016

Research skills demystified

Students on team 8East last week were introduced to a variety of best practices as they wrap up one research project and begin another with English teacher Mrs. Veznaian. Information literacy skills such as researching, note taking and citing sources are important skills that will help students be successful throughout their years of education.

Working with Digital Learning Specialist Mrs. Downs, those best practices were clarified with tips on how to be a good note taker, tools to take notes, how to cite sources, and how to identify plagiarism. Helping students identify what plagiarism looks like in their own and others' writing is the first step to helping them eliminate it from their work. This video (below) highlights the 10 types of plagiarism.

At Andover Public Schools we have students use EasyBib to cite sources. Looking for ways to have your students  practice identifying plagiarism so they can avoid it  in their writing? This game from Lycoming  College is a great extension activity.

 For students struggling with how to paraphrase  what they've read, a great tool is Purdue's Online  Writing Lab site.

 Directing students to go beyond a simple Google  search and use databases is another tip that leads to  success. The Hub has a variety of databases for  researching any topic.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Hour of Code around Wood Hill

Wood Hill students and staff celebrated Computer Science Education Week by doing activities as part of the Hour of Code. The students joined millions of other students and teachers in over 180 countries in doing one-hour tutorials designed for all ages in over 45 languages.

Working with Digital Learning Specialist Mrs. Downs, students in Mr. Tisbert’s engineering class tried out two different coding activities including Khan Academy’s drawing with code program.

Students in Mrs. Hamilton’s science class experimented with coding including an activity creating an ecological pyramid as well as creating their own animated character using three types of coding language.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Feeling chilly? Warm up with these holiday books

Looking for a great story to check out during holiday break? Look no further than these 10 titles that feature holiday stories, classics with a twist, thrills and chills, snowbound adventures and more. Come check them out from The Hub today!

My true love game to me : twelve holiday stories edited by Stephanie Perkins 

Collects twelve holiday-themed romances featuring relationships that blossom during Christmas, Hanukkah, the winter solstice, and Kwanzaa by such young adult authors as Jenny Han, Holly Black, and Myra McEntire.

A Christmas carol : the graphic novel by Charles Dickens

A graphic novel adaptation of Charles Dickens's novel in which a miser learns the true meaning of Christmas when three ghostly visitors review his past and foretell his future.

Marly's ghost : a remix of Charles Dickens's A Christmas carol by David Levithan

The spirit of Ben's girlfriend Marly returns with three other ghosts to haunt him with a painful journey though Valentine's Days past, present, and future, in a twist to the Dickens classic.

Trapped by Michael Northrop 

Seven high school students are stranded at their New England high school during a week-long blizzard that shuts down the power and heat, freezes the pipes, and leaves them wondering if they will survive.

Girl Overboard by Justina Chen Headley

Syrah Chen, the fifteen-year-old daughter of a Chinese-American business tycoon, wants to be a professional snowboarder, but after an accident and the painful breakup of a relationship, she struggles to overcome fears about her identity, her sport, and her family.

After the snow by S.D. Crockett

Fifteen-year-old Willo Blake, born after the 2059 snows created a new ice age, searches for his family, who mysteriously disappeared from their frozen mountain home, and encounters outlaws, halfmen, and an abandoned girl along the way.

The princess present by Meg Cabot

In a series of diary entries, Princess Mia describes celebrating Christmas with her friends in Genovia.

Dream soul by Laurence Yep

In 1927, as Christmas approaches, fifteen-year-old Joan Lee hopes to get her parents' permission to celebrate the holiday, one of the problems belonging to the only Chinese American family in her small West Virginia community.

Blizzard! : the storm that changed America by Jim Murphy

Presents a history, based on personal accounts and newspaper articles, of the massive snow storm that hit the Northeast in 1888, focusing on the events in New York City.

Thames doesn't rhyme with James by Paula Danzinger

While spending Christmas in London with her family, her boyfriend, and his family, fifteen-year-old Kendra finds herself roaming the city in another scavenger hunt, like the one in New York the previous summer.

Friday, December 9, 2016

November's top readers

Wood Hill students and staff really got their reading on for the month of November --  328 books were checked out from The Hub.

The sixth grade really shined taking 7 of the top 10 spots for top readers. Congratulations to these students who exemplify what it means to enjoy the love of reading. If you're looking for a book recommendation, don't hesitate to ask these students for advice! 

November's star readers in The Hub:
1. Irene C., 6 West, 31 books
2. Bori K., 6 West, 7 books
3. Meiling C., 6 East, 6 books
4. Manavi V., 6 West, 6 books
5. Shreya M., 7 West, 5 books
6. Bhavya S., 6 East, 5 books
7. Luke B., 8 East, 4 books
8. Siham B., 6 West, 4 books
9. Adeem J., 7 East, 4 books
10. Nikita P., 6 West, 4 books

Friday, December 2, 2016

Do you want to visit? 6East students create country research presentations

Students on team 6 East began presentations this week on countries they researched in North, South and Central America. Over the next few weeks each student will present their findings acting as a travel agent and try to convince their classmates to visit the country they researched.

Areas they focused on include culture, sports, history, geographic landforms, food, language and more. Students also have to come prepared with supporting material such as a flag, clothing, dance, song, food or some other item to represent their country.

To create these presentations 6 East students worked with Social Studies teacher Mr. DeFusco and Digital Learning Specialist Mrs. Downs to learn how to use Google Slides and how to research using library databases. The database of choice was CultureGrams, which has reports on more than 200 countries, each U.S. state and all 13 Canadian provinces and territories.

Check out some of their great work:

Monday, November 28, 2016

6West students create cell posters using multimedia tools

Students on 6West this month created multimedia posters showing analogies between plant and animal cells and other places in their environment. The cell analogy poster is intended to create a visual representation of the correlation between the parts of a cell and the parts of something that has interdependent components, such as Wood Hill. Students used Google Drawings or Glogster to create their multimedia digital posters.

The posters had to contain an image of a plant or animal cell and its structures and organelles. The analogy had to make sense in a meaningful way so that the connections and descriptions were accurate representations. Students worked with Mrs. Downs on how to use both technology tools, how to search for images, how to cite their sources, and were encouraged to be creative in expressing their analogy visually.

Here are some great student examples:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wood Hill teachers win 15th annual Turkey Bowl

For the last 15 years students and staff have been battling out in a game of touch football in the annual Wood Hill Turkey Bowl. Leading into today's game the teachers were 14 out of 14 for the win. Today was no exception. Staff beat the eighth graders 6-1 on a blustery day out on the school field. The three MVPs were Ms. Rihani, Ms. DeBiase and Miss Garabedian.

Congrats teachers! Good luck next year eighth graders!